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Star TourSouthAfrica
A group to learn more about South Africa and the people. Journey along and view this beautiful country. Pictures of beautiful landscapes, learn more of her history and her rich variety of cultures and traditions.

Group Founder: endtimes
Group Type: Public join
Members: 141
Category: Countries > General

Topics (13)

go Questions (9) endtimes
Ask any Questions on South Africa and we will try and answer you

go GOOD PLACE (2) kakeje
Im proud of this group coz its da origin of my hero Mandela.

go Chat International (22) endtimes here we can chat

go Pray for South Africa (8) endtimes
Please pray for South Africa and her leadership

go chat (0) 2010xman

go Sad day for South Africa (0) endtimes
Mr Thabo Mbeki has been removed of his office as President today.

go Introduce Yourselves Here (8) endtimes Lets get to know one another, just a short introduction and where you are from. Im Coeleen 44 years from South Africa. I have 2 marri...

go About South Africa (4) endtimes
INTRODUCTION:Background (short)Dutch traders landed at the Southern tip of modern day S.A. in 1652 and established a stopover point on the spice route between the Netherlands and the East, founding th...

go News South Africa (0) endtimes
work.gif here we keep you informed with news highlights of the day. I will have to buy the newspaper now lol pmpl.gif

go South Africa today (0) endtimes
Coming soon

go Afrikaans Traditions (0) endtimes
Coming soon

go Open Discussion Forum (0) endtimes
Discuss anything about South Africa

go History of South Africa (0) endtimes
Coming soon

Photos (277)

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